R. Trias Fargas 25-27
08005 Barcelona, Spain


Affiliate Professor of the Barcelona School of Economics (BSE)
Researcher of the Institute of Political Economy and Governance (iPEG)
Affiliate Professor of the Center for Studies on Planetary Wellbeing

Experiencing Economics

An ebook of experiments and games that you can run with your students online or in-the-classroom to help them learn economics through engaging in real-time decision-making.

A project of the CORE-Team.

An initiative launched in 2018 by UPF to generate and transmit knowledge about the concept of Planetary Wellbeing. 

The Centre catalyses and accelerates UPF's commitment to the SDGs and its institutional transformation to respond effectively to the challenges of imagination, knowledge and social and political action posed by the climate and biodiversity crisis. 

A website with free-access experiments for teaching economic principles using mobile devices in the classroom. A project of Ted Bergstrom, Marcus Giamattei, Humberto Llavador and John Miller.

A  project of Fundació Catalunya-Europa to create an international platform for Social Sustainability with the objective to re-think, re-plan and re-act from the cities to the main economic, social and environmental challenges that affect the planet.

A new project to study the effects of air pollution on attention and cognitive behavior. In collaboration with the Barcelona  Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)